E Horner & Associates Pty Ltd Australia

Mission Statement:

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E Horner & Associates Pty Ltd’s mission is to raise the level of awareness of technology within the hospitality industry to ensure that it is seen and used properly as an important management tool.

Too often a solution to a critical business need lies unused due to fear, ignorance or confusion when it comes to technology.

We want to see this situation change through the smooth implementation of the right technology where it is required. E Horner & Associates can be viewed as a Technology Contractor whereby by definition, we draw together and fulfil promises made by various suppliers.

What We Do:

  • Systems Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation, Planning and Project Management
  • System Review and Planning
  • Regular contributor to other hospitality publications in Australasia.

  • Alternative Products Review
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Functional Specifications and Information Needs Review
  • Regular speaker both here in Australia and overseas including Edinburgh, London, Paris
  • Produce HT Report - Australasia’s only dedicated hospitality technology newsletter (quarterly)

Our Methodology:

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The major approach used to implement E Horner & Associates’ services to the end user/implementer is based on a common set of proven steps and methodologies designed to meet their needs. One of the key elements to ensure this process occurs is based on a corporate philosophy of staying with the project through to its completion and of accepting responsibility for any recommendations made. This stance supports the company’s assumption of a high level of concern for the company’s overall success.

As a result, E Horner & Associates sees itself as a full ’partner’ in the jobs it undertakes, regardless of the magnitude of the involvement. A special relationship will be formed between the parties which guarantees that E Horner & Associates shares in any choices made. This means that clients will enjoy the benefits of receiving much more than a contract may specifically call for.

News & Events:

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Ted's ConferenceTed's Technology Summit Australia’s only dedicated hospitality technology solution event. more...


From time to time we are approached by companies involved in the Hospitality industry who are seeking personnel for various positions, usually of a technology nature.

If you wish to be considered for any positions please submit a brief overview of your qualifications and positions you are interested in by e-mail Recruitment