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Technology Selection:

  • Review of existing operations - Operations Profile, Hotel Feature Requirements, Hotel Management Preferences and the like.
  • Augment Customer Feature List with known features in the market.
  • Develop and produce Formal Request for Proposal.
  • Build List of All Available Suppliers.
  • Distribute Qualification for Proposal Questionnaire to Long List.
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Responses with appropriate Recommendations to client.
  • Develop Short List and distribute Request for Proposal.
  • Co-ordinate with Suppliers on responses, answer questions update Proposals as required.
  • Evaluate formal responses, quantify answers and produce final reports on findings.
  • Arrange for and co-ordinate vendor product demonstrations and site visits.
  • Finalise RFP responses - produce final reports and recommendation to client.
  • Actively assist customer in contract negotiations for acquisition of products/services.
  • Maintain liaison between customer and technology suppliers - ensure implementation, installation, training and post-installation support is planned and managed in concert, to result in the desired integrated solution.
  • Serve on the Implementation Team as technology adviser and trouble checker.
  • Provide on-going advice and assistance on System Integration, Design Philosophy, Systems Evaluation, Product Enhancement/Modification, Documentation Production and Training.

Hospitality Technology Report:

Information Technology News for Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs. This publication has been replaced with a web based service with the development of a new Australian Hospitality Portal. http://www.hospitalitytechnology.com.au/

Please contact us for more information: Ted@hornertech.com.au

Quarterly Publication no longer produced however some limited copies of back issues are available on request. This publication provided:

  • Up to date articles from here and overseas.
  • Includes the latest Marketplace Update - list of installations for the quarter from Technology Vendors.
  • Under the Spotlight - Interview with an IT, MIS Manager or FC of a hotel or other venue giving an overview of how they see technology being implemented in their establishment.
  • Latest information from other technology conferences around the world.
  • And much more....

News & Events:

TedTed Horner addressing HITEC Conference Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals 17-19 June 2008 Austin Texas. more...

HOTHotel Operations Technology Exhibition Sydney 12-13 June 2008 Australia’s only dedicated hospitality technology solution event. more...

ImageAustralian Hospitality Technology
Ted Horner outlines the current state of play in Australia.

Market Research:

From our extensive knowledge of the Hospitality Technology marketplace in Australasia we can compile Market and Business Plans for companies involved or wishing to enter the Hospitality market in this region.

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